Character Design/Christmas Robot 2009

The idea of “Christmas robot” came from “Father christmas”. I think “Father
Christmas” is old and Mysterious. Maybe he is god, elf, alien or spaceman.
I think his story gave me a lot of inspiration for my creation. So, I tried to
design the new look for “Father Christmas”.

White suit, small body and cute style. The new design is fresh, cyber and
young. The new image is straight line and simple. I added a glasses on the
hat for protect the eye when flying in the sky. Also, the high- tech boot can
make the user easily to jump high. So, He don’t need to climb up a smokestack...
Moreover, he is not a human, is a deer. I think Christmas deer can be “Father
Christmas”, that is the joy of design. Anyway, I will create a partner
for him in the future. Please keep visiting my blog.

Type/ 3D rendering illustration
Media/ Maya software