L E M O N T Y P E 2 O O 6
Lemon is...

Lemon Tea
Lemon water
Lemon Coca Cola
Lemon coffee
Lemon seven-up

Chinese Typography 2006/
"512"-Fashion graphic

Typography Project/
Auditory Exploration_Screenplay:
Through typography skill to arrange the screenplay. I used a lot of 
hand script to express the feeling of conservation and setting of scene.
I focused on the mentally expression more than the volume of sound!


3D music animation–Black sot



Music: Viateur

Album: Teenage bad girl字型大小
Time: 68 sec.
Type: Experiment
Description: Abstract space
Format: 3D animation

"Viateur" is a experimental music. It has three section.The sound looks like a
conservation of alien in space. At the beginning, the music is lonely and doubtful.
A high key of music is the main point of this music, which looks like someone went
into a mysterious, unusual, dangerous and crazy. Finally, the sound disappeared
gradually and a machine speaking to end up the music.

A man searching a new living area in the universe. In the traveling, he has seen
a lot of unexpected thing. Suddenly, something closed to him slowly and he found
a new living area and started to approach the truth...

Interface Design

Interface Design- 
Chat Room Development
The member could create their own character in the chat room.
Base on the concept, the character can be culture when the user
chatted with their friends and formed a new outlook.

Special thanks Dada group.
Product development
Radiodada news: Blue tooth setting, Broadcasting area

Radiodada-Print design
We tired to use different material to communicate with public.
So,we used a creative called "public intervention", to spread out
our concept. this innovative way was matched with Radiodada,
which is creative and non-mainstream channel.
Our idea is used a special material to cover the public area.
When the material touched water, it will form a crystal.But,
it was easily to remove. The interesting process showed the
concept–Idea needs a platform to culture.

E-card Exhibition

All special thanks Dada group.
Interactive Motion Graphic


Character design 2

Radiodada_clock animation 2009

Special thanks Dada group.
Character Design

Concept: Idea needs a platform to culture
I have designed 12 character which is a organic substance(i.e./Bacteria),to apply for the 12 creative channel. www.radiodada.hk is the first and only creative channel and alternatives online boardcasting new media in HK.Radiodada.hk promotes independent thinking,freedom to create and share public space, aiming to establish a creative spirit in society.

Colour Ink Collection 3

Line and Ink Collection 2

Line and Ink Collection

Colour Ink Collection 2

Colour Ink Collection

個人作品:彩墨 /
東 巴 神 話 故 事 造 像
Colour Ink Artwork_
Chinese Traditional mythology