Central,Hong Kong/ 
I tried to figure out a 
minutes in Hong Kong 
by video format.
Video one-”Happen”

“Happen”is a documentary video. I recorded the human behavior 
in Hong Kong. Everyone knew that Central is a busy area in HK. 
But, if you tried to stop and look at the sky,after a while, you will 
see that another people would be follow you. It is a herd instinct. 
Base on this phenomenon, It formed a special structure and form 
of human behavior. In their mind,they didn’t know what will 
be happen, but their subconscious will lead their behavior. 
Therefore, the ending is nothing to happen to mention 
the concept of the video.

Video two - "The part of space"
"The part of space" is a self-emotional expression video. In Central,
on the street, I feel dizzyingly and confused. The weather is hot and the 
building reflected the sunshine on the street. Its raised up the temperature.
Also, a lot of people walked on the street at the lunch time. My eyes was very 
uncomfortable. I would like to find out a place to take a rest. I think it is a city's
feature, specially HK. I tired to record the sunshine and building to represent the 
variation of psychology. Through the combination of image to demonstrate the 
experience of the trip. Finally, I zoomed in the sky, that represented I broke 
through the haze.


Dream alien-Six Face

"Six face"/
This character appeared in my dream. The dream is about alien invaded
my house. I have see a lot of airship appeared in the sky.Then, one of airship 
released something from her body. This is “Six-face”. A hexagon’s pattern is 
full of “Six-face” body, so I gave him this name. Simple outlook, golden body 
with big hand and the hexagon can release the ray gun... Anyway, I think 
“Six-face” idea is great, I tried to make it real, so I created the 3D model 
of “six-face”. The feeling and experience are amazing, because I brought 
out the idea from my dream.
Media/ Maya software